7 Blogs for Pastors To Gain New Insight & Strategy This Year

Regardless of the denomination, every church leader can benefit from additional insight, encouragement, and strategy from time to time. With the current state of the world, changing culture, and figuring out in-person or online gatherings – pastoring can be challenging.

There are several blogs for pastors from all over the world that provide tremendous value and perspective concerning church leadership. Figuring out the nuances that exist while practicing ministry today can be challenging – thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone.

Discovering new perspectives from thought leaders in the church space can offer wisdom and new inspiration for pastors navigating the complexities of a local church.

Finding practical, relatable help specific to the unique role of pastoring or church leadership development can be a breath of fresh air. Reading a few pastoral blogs for ideas, additional training, and leadership tips can further equip you for the day-to-day trenches of ministry.

There are other leaders with similar experiences and a heart for the church that offers support for local church pastors. Keep reading to discover seven blogs for pastors (plus a bonus suggestion) to read this year. Utilizing these resources is like adding a consultant to your staff for free.

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7 Blogs for Pastors To Gain Insight, Encouragement & Church Strategy

Following a few Christian leadership blogs can be a great resource of helpful information, ideas, and encouragement. The following blogs for pastors are full of relevant, up-to-date content for helping pastors and their congregations thrive.

Carey Nieuwhof

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This blog is full of excellent resources, from Carey’s ideas to resources he has found helpful. It is a fantastic site for both young and older pastors alike and a place to look for relevant information and discussions with the world’s most recognized leaders.

Some of the best posts from this blog include:

One of Carey’s objectives is to bring the best of the business world to the church and the best of the church world to businesses. The content is easy to navigate and covers many topics, from church organizational growth and trends to avoiding burnout.

Church Fuel

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Church Fuel has a lot of posts on their blog to help pastors and their staff be the best that they can be. Supporting a team to work collaboratively in a healthy environment is a great way to ensure members feel encouraged and motivated.

Church Fuel helps teams do their best work in serving their communities by providing simple resources to simplify ministry leadership.

Some of the best posts from this blog include:

Their posts are both to the point and caring, which helps convey that they understand the ins and outs of church life, so it’s one of the blogs for pastors to visit.

The Unstuck Group

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This blog is chock full of helpful resources to help ministry leaders assess the health of their organization. They provide graphs to represent new data and findings, address common issues about church leadership, and offer helpful guides to help pastors equip their teams and make better decisions.

Some of the best posts from this blog include:

Tony Morgan leads the Unstuck Group. You’ll find straightforward, clear-cut blog posts that provide upfront data concerning issues that concern pastors and ministry leaders.


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Barna is one of the time-tested blogs for pastors that provides valuable statistics from unique research specific to churches. Their posts cover a wide range of topics from church trends, race, age, gender, and everything else in between.

Some of the best posts from this blog include:

Barna is a valuable resource for gathering information for sermons or other ministry initiatives. They offer a lot of information from different voices in the church, which helps broaden the scope of understanding. Many posts also provide videos of Q&A discussions among various church leaders.


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Vanderbloemen is a consulting group specializing in helping churches with the hiring process. They also help prepare and equip ministry teams for leadership transitions or successions.

Some of the best posts from this blog include:

Their blog provides practical Christian leadership advice. This site contains articles to help leadership teams anticipate change or growth to promote healthy churches and cultures.

Open Network

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Life.Church, led by Craig Groeschel, supports the Open Network. This site is stock full of resources about all aspects of ministry – from children to adults. Within this site, you’ll find templates, creatives, job descriptions, and more.

Some of the best posts from this blog include:

It is entirely free to join the Network. Gaining access to the available resources can save you or the team time. Often leaders try to recreate the wheel when it comes to training manuals, ministry descriptions, or even curriculum – here; you don’t have to.

Brighten Idea Group for Churches

Brighten Idea Group (dailychristianhelp.com) provides resources to help leaders strengthen ministry, avoid frustration, and grow their church. Our goal is to help you lead with confidence and build dependable teams.

It can be frustrating to lead ministry and volunteer teams; however, you can often lighten the load with the proper perspective and resources. This site offers training for leaders in small and larger churches to help them inspire their team with clear insight and expectations.

Some of the best posts from this blog include:

Brighten Idea Group is the website of Evan Doyle. Evan has served in pastoral and ministry leadership for over 20 years. This site is here to help ministry leaders gain confidence and build committed dependable teams.

Bonus Resource For Pastors


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Although it’s not a blog, I could not leave Rebuilders off this list. The Rebuilders podcast is a must-listen for 2022 and years to come. Mark Sayers is the pastor of Red Church in Melbourne, Australia; this initiative is an effort to support church leaders and believers with helpful content for an increasingly post-Christian world.

Some of the best episodes from this podcast include:

Mark’s commentary on culture and the church is refreshingly relevant. His keen insight provides a valuable perspective for pastors in an ever-changing world.

Blogs For Pastors Conclusion

Regardless of denomination, church size, or location, all church leaders need encouragement, strategies, and insight from time to time. Thankfully, God equips people with various gifts to support one another.

This list of blogs for pastors is a valuable asset for leaders to gain new ideas and pertinent information for church ministry. Each blog is pastoral in nature. And the voices behind the content seem to genuinely care about the health, wellbeing, and growth of God’s church and leaders.