How To Transition Out Of Ministry Intact – 9 Helpful Tips

how to transition out of ministry

Whether you’re considering how to transition out of ministry because it’s time to do something new, leaving ministry can be an exciting or nerve-wracking experience. There are many ways leaving ministry for secular work can affect your life and those around you. When I was 20 years old, I became a pastor and decided to … Read more

Church Next Steps | 5 Helpful Tips For Improving Engagement

church next steps

Attending a service is just one step people take when engaging with your church. Helping people assimilate into your church and take the next steps toward deeper discipleship with Jesus is the call of every church leader. What Are Church Next Steps? Church next steps are intentional actions that individuals can take to further engage … Read more

7 Blogs for Pastors To Gain New Insight & Strategy This Year

Regardless of the denomination, every church leader can benefit from additional insight, encouragement, and strategy from time to time. With the current state of the world, changing culture, and figuring out in-person or online gatherings – pastoring can be challenging. There are several blogs for pastors from all over the world that provide tremendous value … Read more

Paul and Timothy | Impact The Future By Developing Leaders Today

The relationship between Paul and Timothy provide a great example for developing new leaders today.

This post provides some guidelines to ensure that the important responsibilities that you want to pass on are successfully transferred and to the right people.

You will also find the audio to a talk I shared about this subject at the bottom of this post.

When Paul couldn’t be where he was needed he sent a guy named Timothy in his place. 

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When Others Lose A Loved One – Three Loving Ways To Respond

Today is August 15, 2014.  Four days after  Robin Williams was found dead and in the midst of reported stories of Christians being murdered in Iraq for their beliefs.   This is a tragic and sobering week.  I’m reminding myself to maintain a sincere appreciation for life and a deep love for those closest to me. As someone … Read more