Presentation Tips | Learn How To Shape Your Next Message

Do great presentations have a shape?  Maybe you’ve never thought about it but I’m sure you’ve noticed when one flat lines.

The presentation tips shared by Nancy Duarte in a Ted Talk are formed around the idea that presentations have a “shape”.  Following or at least understanding this shape could improve the effectiveness of your next presentation, whether it is in the office, pulpit, or, a small group setting. 

Nancy Duarte suggests that any great speech that has ever ben given, from the Gettysburg Address to Steve Jobs iphone keynote, follows this shape.

Presentation Tips

Most people understand that a presentation has a beginning, a middle, and an end, but what happens in between each of these phases holds the potential to powerfully convey a thought or leave your audience guessing what the point was.

Presentation Tips


Nancy Duarte is a CEO and author who specializes in presentation and visual communication.



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