Sermon Preparation Worksheet – How To Prepare An Effective Message In 7 Steps

sermon preparation worksheet

Preaching and teaching are, first and foremost, a calling. However, there are some basic guidelines that I’ve found helpful over the years as I’ve worked to prepare sermons almost every week. I like to use this sermon preparation worksheet to develop upcoming messages. Remember that you probably have a method of note-taking and providing mental … Read more

What? So What? Now What? How To Clarify Your Message

What? So What? Now What?

If you’ve prepared for leading a group, teaching a sermon, or giving a presentation then you’ve probably asked yourself, “What am I going to talk about?”

Even if you use study guides or curriculums you are still responsible to share a clear message with applicable points for real life.

A great way to steer your thoughts and notes as you consider what you should share or what the conversation should accomplish is by asking yourself these three guiding questions:

What?  So What?  Now What?

What? So What? Now What?

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