The Importance Of Your Schedule

Most of us think of our schedule as list of events and task that need to be accomplished.

What if your schedule was arranged around who you want to become instead of what you think you need to get done?

Bill Hybels recently shared a message about the importance your schedule and time.  I promise you it is worth the listen.  There will be a link later on in the post.

I wanted to share my notes with you from listening to his presentation.   These are the points that stood out to me the most and that I thought were most beneficial.  I think they will helpful for you too!

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Did Your Repentance Produce Conversion?

Conversion or repentance, or both? You can be influenced to repent but you have to WANT conversion. This is a sobering message about understanding the difference between repentance and conversion.           Jim Cobrae is the Senior Pastor at the Rock Church and World Outreach Center in San Bernardino, CA.

When Others Lose A Loved One – Three Loving Ways To Respond

Today is August 15, 2014.  Four days after  Robin Williams was found dead and in the midst of reported stories of Christians being murdered in Iraq for their beliefs.   This is a tragic and sobering week.  I’m reminding myself to maintain a sincere appreciation for life and a deep love for those closest to me. As someone … Read more

A Survey of the Pauline Epistles

This survey of the Pauline epistles provides a brief summary of each letter and the main purpose for its existence.

The Apostle Paul was one of the most influential people in Scripture.  There were many things that factored into shaping who Paul was, as Calvin Roetzel puts it:

“It is important, therefore, while reading the letters to remember that Paul was many things at once—a Hebrew of the Hebrews, a Pharisee, a member of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hellenistic Jew, an apostle of Christ, and a missionary to the Gentiles.  Though these aspects of his life did not all hold equal places in Paul’s theology, each of them contributed something.”[1] 

Paul wrote the majority of what we know as the New Testament and his writings shaped the truths of Christian doctrine.  The Pauline epistles present a broad spectrum Christian thought and address a wide range of issues.  “The landscape is as broad as Paul’s theological understanding and as diverse as the needs of the churches.”[2]

Because there are so many topics that could be addressed within each epistle I hope to narrow the focus of the letters by providing a brief summary of each one that includes the main purpose for its existence.

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