Why Hurt In The Church Is So Painful + 6 Ways To Recover

hurt in the church

Life offers very few sanctuaries. Places or communities where people can feel genuinely welcomed, vulnerable, cared for, seen, and heard. When we find a safe haven, it is natural to build our life around it with our time, energy, and resources. For many, their church becomes an integral part of their life, as it becomes … Read more

Christian Deconstruction: 4 Critical Things You Must Know

christian deconstruction

Recently, Christian deconstruction has almost become synonymous with losing one’s faith. However, is this always necessary or even what it means? Is it possible that people who are reconstructing faith can actually strengthen it? Can Christians deconstruct their beliefs without losing their faith? Pinpointing the questions you wrestle with and precisely identifying the faith issues … Read more

3 Significant Ways Volunteering at Church Is Important

volunteering at church

Church volunteer work is (or should be) a natural outgrowth of a believer’s love for God and a desire to help the church be ready to embrace those who come through the doors or to help those in need.  Sometimes, though, volunteers may wonder if what they’re doing matters or makes a difference.   Volunteering at … Read more