Presentation Tips | Learn How To Shape Your Next Message

Do great presentations have a shape?  Maybe you’ve never thought about it but I’m sure you’ve noticed when one flat lines.

The presentation tips shared by Nancy Duarte in a Ted Talk are formed around the idea that presentations have a “shape”.  Following or at least understanding this shape could improve the effectiveness of your next presentation, whether it is in the office, pulpit, or, a small group setting. 

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Do People Want To Listen To You?

Have you ever felt like when you speak no one is listening?

Whether you are sharing a thought, presenting an idea, speaking in front of a large group, or sitting face to face with someone, feeling like you are not being heard is a difficult thing.

Sound expert, Julian Treasure share how you can actually help others to hear what you have to say in this ten minute Ted Talk.  The tips he shares are surprising yet extremely helpful.

I’ve also listed the seven ways he mentions that people will stop listening to you and the four timeless principles that he shares to ensure that people will want to hear what you have to say.

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