How To Transition Out Of Ministry Intact – 9 Helpful Tips

how to transition out of ministry

Whether you’re considering how to transition out of ministry because it’s time to do something new, leaving ministry can be an exciting or nerve-wracking experience. There are many ways leaving ministry for secular work can affect your life and those around you. When I was 20 years old, I became a pastor and decided to … Read more

How To Define Your Church Core Values In 5 Simple Steps

church core values

As a pastor or leader, identifying church core values is a great way to prioritize the principles that ideally guide your team effectively.  Core values provide a “voice” in the community and a language for communicating how you operate. Determining the core values of a church does not have to be complicated and is essential … Read more

Write Compelling Church Vision Statements In 6 Simple Steps

church vision statements

Church leaders face many challenges in the 21st century. With religious affiliation and church membership declining in recent years,  pastors must continue to foster their community in a growing relationship between God and followers of Christ.  Every church and religious organization needs to communicate what it stands for and where it sees itself in the … Read more

How To Clarify Church Mission Statements In 5 Easy Steps

church mission statements

Churches exist for a different reason than businesses and corporations; however, they can still benefit from how the corporate world establishes and communicates intent and purpose. A church needs a mission statement to help define and rally the congregation around a unifying direction.  Writing church mission statements start with the leaders defining the purpose and … Read more

Effective Ways To Resolve Church Leadership Problems Without Splitting Up Your Staff Or Congregation

church leadership problems

Church leadership problems are nothing new, and every leader will have to navigate difficulty at some point. Leadership is a complex journey full of change that requires extreme adaptability. The best leaders understand that challenges come with the role and work hard to resolve problems and prevent unnecessary hardship. Church leadership problems can be painful … Read more