How To Start A Small Group Ministry At Your Church In Six Simple Steps

how to start a small group ministry

Learn how to start a small group ministry at your church. This step-by-step guide will teach you everything about how to launch, grow, and maintain an effective small group ministry! A few years ago I was wrestling with how to start a small group ministry. Incredible small group ministry does not just happen. Effective small … Read more

Create A Healthy Small Group Enviroment With These Three Elements

A healthy small group enviroment will primarily foster and support two things, Christian community and growth.  Therefore, the purpose of a small group ministry is to help the Body of Christ at large and local churches to experience community and grow spiritually. As individuals gather together in the context of Christian friendship and biblical principles, … Read more

Three Ways To Quickly Redirect Awkward Conversations In Small Groups

Awkward conversations in small groups are uncomfortable!  It doesn’t take long in a group setting for a challenging conversation to take place. Leaders should be ready to guide awkward conversations in small groups toward fruitfulness.   When the discussion is not on task it becomes easy for others to check out. Rather than wondering what … Read more