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Knowing how to lead a small group begins with understanding why small groups matter.


Small Groups can play an important role in fulfilling the Great Commission.  Healthy groups can lead people to Jesus and into a deeper relationship with God.

how to lead a small group

Community is vital for believers. The church does not just exist within the four walls of a building, but inside our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

I want to share with you the same principles that I teach the group leaders I serve with.

I believe these tips will provide you with the instruction you’re looking for.

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Small groups should be an intentional effort to create opportunity for believers and non-believers to experience community and grow spiritually through bible study and connecting with others.

There are a number of benefits that learning how to lead a small group will  provide to the Body of Christ at large and obviously your group members:

  • Christian Friendship Inspires Christian Living
  • Accountability Will Produce Sincerity
  • Opens Opportunity to Invite the Lost
  • Extends the Pastoral Reach of Leaders & Churches
  • Connection Leaves Little Reason for Leaving


Small groups should empower the Body of Christ to build community and experience spiritual growth. Simply put, small groups can provide opportunity to grow, laugh, serve, and connect with others for God’s glory.

how to lead a small group

Small groups vary in size, interest, place of meeting, type, etc.  Ultimately, whether a group is having a Bible study, serving the community, or sharing a common interest, small groups should facilitate Christian community and spiritual growth.

I had to learn how to lead a small group.

A few years ago I was asked to oversee (start) the small group ministry at the church where I’m one of the pastors.  After trying multiple different ways to do groups I finally settled on a few important principles that guide our groups rather than a method of doing them.

After leading groups myself, having conversations with other leaders, and receiving feedback from those involved, a couple key things began to surface concerning group life. Christian community and spiritual growth are two sides to one coin.  I believe if a person is intentional about being around Christian community, spiritual growth will inevitably take place.  Another way of putting it would be, if you are serious about growing spiritually you have to be involved in Christian community.

Whether you want to lead around a common interest, bible study, with other married couples, or a prayer group, having a successful offering begins with learning how to lead a small group.

Great groups do not happen by accident.  They are formed and forged by leaders who lead with purpose and great intentionality; people who are willing to learn how to lead small groups.

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Enjoy and God bless!

Evan Doyle
Building Deeper Connections for Greater Impact.

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