A Church Volunteer Handbook that includes training manuals for some of the most important ministries in your church.

Having a church volunteer handbook for the ministry workers at your church will help you teach and equip your teams!

People who attend your church deserve to be treated with respect and should feel appreciated and loved.

Every guest should feel welcomed and cared for.

The volunteers at your church should feel adequately trained for their area of ministry.

Unfortunately, this is not always easy.

A new volunteer at your church may not realize how important each aspect of ministry is at your church.  They may not know your vision for the team.  The expectations may not be clear to them.  However, ministry is too important to be unclear in these areas.

Training the ministry workers at your church  is not as hard as you might think, and, believe it or not, most volunteers want to receive instruction for the area of ministry they are volunteering in.

I created this church volunteer handbook because I too work with the ministry teams at my church.  I wanted to have a way to teach the team and also provide accountability, having a training manual is an easy, yet important way to do this.

This resource bundle will provide you and your ministry teams with the training you’re looking for.

And yes, you will have immediate access to it!

church volunteer handbook

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Having the PDF version of this church volunteer handbook means it’s yours to keep!  It will be much easier for you to share with your team whether you decide to print, email, or teach the material.

Here’s what others are saying about the included training manuals:

It’s been more than helpful to me, my team and the entire administration. Thank you so much. God bless you. Barbara A.

I have just been asked by my pastor to lead the usher and parking teams and I have no idea how this works. This has been very helpful and has helped me in my decision of whether or not I am going to take on the role. – Jeff P.

This has been very informative, it has cleared up some of the ways to teach every usher how to handle every situation. I can’t wait for our next usher meeting. – Minnie R.

Thank you so much for helping the body of Christ. I just wanted to say that this material has helped in such a special way. I like that you didn’t make it out to be so difficult because that how it has seemed to me for so long. You have really lifted a heavy burden off of me. Thank you so very much. – Destinique B.

Help!  I Lead Volunteer Teams At My Church! includes in-depth, ministry specific training manuals for the the following ministries:

Altar Worker Training Manual

Greeter Team Training Manual

Usher Team Training Manual

Small Group Leader Training Manual

Having a dynamic guest service and small group ministry are important aspects of a healthy church.  Equipping volunteers with adequate training is crucial.

Each ministry (greeters, ushers, prayer teams, and small group leaders should help prepare the peoples heart to grow closer to God.  They do this by letting each person know your church is excited they are there!

If people do not know they are welcomed they can easily feel like it doesn’t matter if they are there… “No one cares anyways”.

church volunteer training

The importance of making a great first impression cannot be emphasized enough!

You know what a difference it can make to be serve others well, it can impact them so much so that it can determine whether or not they ever return.

Think of the times where you have been served at a restaurant or store.  You may remember the bad experiences more than the good ones.

Train each ministry team to meet the various needs of people.  Ensuring that adequate church volunteer training takes place is important!  Each of these connections can influence a person’s entire worship experience.  The following manuals are included in this training manual bundle.

church greeter training manual





Greeter Ministry – Greeters (hosts, welcome team, etc.) have the unique opportunity of making a first impression on behalf of the church by welcoming those who are entering.

church volunteer handbook





Usher Team If a regular attender or visitor had a less than positive experience finding their way into the sanctuary an usher can play a significant role in turning that person’s experience around.

church volunteer handbook





Prayer TeamPrayer team (altar worker) training is an aspect of church ministry that is sometimes overlooked.  However, prayer eases others burdens, is ministry, and brings deliverance.  If this is true, training and preparing your prayer team is very important!

church volunteer handbook





Small Groups – Having an engaging small group ministry is important to people connecting outside of your weekend services.  It is vital to have leaders who are actively behind the mission of your church.

I care about church volunteer training because I too work with ministry volunteers and group leaders.  I believe this church volunteer training manual bundle will provide you and your team(s) with the instruction you’re looking for.

Hours of study and experience have been put into each manual.  I want to help make church volunteer training easier for you too!

A handbook provides three things for your church volunteer teams:

1.  Accountability – Clearly providing a written ministry handbook gives you something to return to when volunteers seem to be missing the point or not meeting expectations.

2.  Articulation – Having a manual allows you to easily share the vision and mission of your ministry with every volunteer at your church.

3.  Accomplishment – Written guidelines convey that what you’re doing is important, while this may be subtle, providing a manual communicates that you care about your ministry.

Of course training your ministry leaders begins with your example of living and modeling what you expect from them.  Therefore, I want to help you focus on the relationships you have with your team rather than spending hours and hours creating manuals from scratch.

Remove the frustration of coming up with and finding training material for your ministry teams by taking advantage of getting this handbook today!  Help!  I Lead Volunteer Teams At My Church! is a bundle of four different, customized training manuals for your greeter, usher, prayer, and small group teams.

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In addition, you will recieve FOR FREE two bonus resources!

1. Three Ways To Instantly Become A More Friendly Church

2. Five Crucial Ways To Teach Your Team To Take Ownership

With a church volunteer handbook you’ll be able to immedietely begin equipping your volunteer teams with specific training for their area of ministry.  Get immediate access to the manuals by clicking the Buy Now button below!


I want to hear how this post and the resource provided have helped you.  Let me know how you and your church have used the manuals?  Please share your comments below or on Facebook.